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Vitamin D: Benefits, Sources, and Causes of Deficiency. 28/2/2023

Jadara University's Faculty of Pharmacy and the Supporting Faculty of Medical Sciences organized an informative medical lecture titled "Vitamin D: Benefits, Sources, and Causes of Deficiency" at the Princess Rayah Bint Al-Hussein Girls' High School in Mafraq Governorate. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Ali Abu Sayam, Assistant Dean of the Faculties of Pharmacy and the Supporting Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Abu Sayam addressed various aspects of vitamin D, including its importance to the human body, dietary sources, methods of assessment, recommended daily intake, causes of deficiency, and potential complications of excessive doses. The lecture was attended by the school's principal, several teachers, and a large group of students.

Additionally, Dr. Sayam provided a comprehensive overview of the academic programs offered at Jadara University. The school's administration was praised for their warm reception, efficient organization, and hospitality. Following the lecture, Dr. Abu Sayam answered questions and inquiries from the audience.

This lecture reflects the university's commitment to its social responsibility and engagement with local communities.



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