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Professor Dr. حابس محمد خليفة حتامله

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Peace, blessings, and mercy of Allah be upon you

The basis of the scientific renaissance that Jadara University has been working on since its founding until this moment is based on the serious effort to enhance its progress to the ranks of international universities, and for Jadara University to be a pilgrimage site for distinguished students of science, in accordance with its strategic plan, to become a success story in all fields, scientific, research, and community service. And to contribute to building the nation, its prosperity, and its progress, by graduating a group of qualified sons of the nation at all levels, to contribute to building the nation that is dearest to all of our hearts, and to be as the leader of the nation and the patron of the path of science and scholars, His Majesty the Honored King Abdullah II, son of Al-Hussein, wanted them to be. To love their country and are armed with education, knowledge, and skills to contribute to Jordan’s renaissance and prosperity, and to engage in practical life with all determination and ability.

The university also sought to attract distinguished professors in all the specializations offered by the university at the bachelor’s, higher diploma, and master’s levels. The university’s strategic plan included several main axes to reach international level, including quality, creativity, international classification, labor market, social responsibility, stimulating scientific research, publishing in journals, solid scientific research, networking with prestigious universities and academic institutions at the local, regional and international levels, signing joint scientific and research cooperation agreements with the most prestigious universities in the world, and obtaining local and international accreditations in their specializations and programs.

The university also seeks to make its campus full of curricular and extracurricular activities by holding student conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops, participating in scientific, cultural and sporting competitions, local and international, activating student clubs, and caring for international students and overcoming all obstacles they face, and making specialized career days, activating the role of graduate follow-up and employment offices, creating a safe university environment free of violence and loving peace and brotherhood, building a conscious generation that loves its country and its king, and involving students in decision-making through their student clubs and representing them in the various university councils.

Jadara University also has an infrastructure comparable to the finest universities in the world, including green buildings that are compatible with the environment and clean energy, teaching halls, laboratories, and terraces equipped with all modern teaching methods at the highest levels, green playgrounds and courtyards decorated with tall palm trees that reach the sky, swimming pools, restaurants, and a hall. The Arena is one of the largest indoor sports halls nationwide, and a fleet of buses that transport students free of charge to the university from their places of residence and vice versa, and comprehensive health insurance.

Finally, I sincerely pray to God Almighty to preserve our most precious country, Jordan, under the presence of His Hashemite Majesty King Abdullah II, Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect, and his Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Hussein bin Abdullah...


Prof. Habes Hatamleh  ​
​​President of Jadara University


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