Graduate Studies


The development and progress of nations rely on research and studies that are based on the knowledge attained by modern science, addressing societal issues through a clear vision and a strategy that aligns with significant ambitions. The Graduate Studies College at Jadara University was established to serve as a beacon, relying on scholarly competencies with extensive academic and practical experience holding advanced degrees.

Graduate studies bear the responsibility of elevating the academic process that keeps pace with developments in modern scientific, human, and administrative fields through global programs, modern laboratories, and advanced curricula. Jadara University diligently works to provide students and researchers with all necessary logistical, material, and moral support.

The Graduate Studies College ardently seeks, in cooperation with local community institutions and partnerships with global, regional, and local universities, to attain a prestigious position according to global quality standards in preparing competencies in various academic and professional fields. Additionally, it keeps up with market needs by introducing new specializations and providing the necessary resources for excellence among universities.

Through the efforts of Jadara University's senior management, former and current faculty members, the Graduate Studies now offers sixteen distinguished programs for master's and higher diplomas. They are a source of pride and deserve utmost respect for their immense efforts towards continual advancement. We ask for God's continuous guidance and success; indeed, He is the Hearer, the Responsive.

Dr Khalid Alomari


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