Dean's speech

Deanship of Scientific Research


Professor. شوكت محمود رشيد الخزاعلة

Building D second floor


Jadara University is one of the Jordanian universities that aspires to have a distinguished place in the knowledge economy and the research race witnessed by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the rest of the ambitious countries of the world. Our dear homeland, under the wise Hashemite leadership, is experiencing a comprehensive development renaissance that touches on various aspects of development. Among the most important aspects of development is the clear stimulus for the comprehensive advancement of higher university education, research, development and innovation. The development index indicates a significant positive development in the knowledge and research participation emanating from the university, as it represents the first building blocks of what the university aspires to for all its employees. Jadara University provides basic and applied research to address the great challenges we face locally, regionally and globally, and includes development indicators and research priorities such as health, environmental, social and economic priorities aimed at enhancing our understanding of this world and the development of human knowledge products and solutions to their problems. The university, represented by the Deanship of Scientific Research, also seeks to be one of the most prominent supporters of the development of the research and innovation system in the Kingdom, by promoting and encouraging the participation of researchers from faculty members and postgraduate students in all scientific and research forums, by providing the necessary technical and financial support through compatible research proposal funding programs. With national scientific research priorities, other incentive programs and rewards, and other qualitative support programs in line with Jadara University's research strategy and national priorities, through facilitated procedures and services through which we seek to overcome difficulties and obstacles in front of researchers to ensure continuous improvement of the university's research and innovation outputs, which would Contributing to raising the university's classification locally and internationally, putting its mark on achieving national goals and raising competitive indicators for Jordan in general, and research and innovation in particular.


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