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Publications Details

# Title Year
•  Factors affecting Jordanian electronic banking services. Management Science Letters 2020
•  Customer acceptance of mobile marketing in Jordan: An extended UTAUT2 model with trust and risk factors. International Journal of Engineering Business Management 2019
•  Effects of green marketing strategy on firm financial performance. The moderating role of government policy. Business and Economic Horizons 2019
•  An Investigation into the Relationship between Emotional Labor and Customer Satisfaction. Central European Management Journal 2019
•  Exploring the relationship between the emotional labor and performance in the Jordanian insurance industry. Current Psychology 2019
•  Environmental Concern, Health Consciousness and Purchase Intention of Green Products: An Application of Extended Theory of Planned Behavior. The Journal of Social Sciences Research 2019
•  A multi-level study of influence financial knowledge management small and medium enterprises. Polish Journal of Management Studies 2019
•  Psychological contract and organizational misbehavior: Exploring the moderating and mediating effects of organizational health and psychological contract breach in Iraqi oil tanks company. Cogent Business & Management 2019
•  ). How does Socio-Technical Approach influence Sustainability? Considering the roles of Decision Making Environment. In Application of Decision Science in Business and Management. 2019
•  The influence of environmental marketing mix on the non-financial performance of solar energy firms: The mediating role of corporate image 2018
•  Determinants of financial performance in the industrial firms: Evidence from Jordan. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology 2018
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•  Critical Obstacles to Adopt the Organic Farming in Jordan: From Marketing Perspective. European Journal of Business and Management 2017
•  The Effect of Brand Awareness on Brand Loyalty: Mediating Role of Brand Commitment. European Journal of Business and Management 2017
•  ). Effects of green marketing strategy on the financial and non-financial performance of firms: A conceptual paper. Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review 2016
•  ). Determining the factors influencing use of mobile marketing by industrial firms: an empirical investigation of Jordanian industrial firms. Indian Journal of Computer Science, 2016
•  Quick response (QR) code and green product purchases: evidence from Jordanian consumers. Singaporean Journal of business economics, and management studies, 2016
•  The adoption of electrics vehicles in Jordan based on theory of planned behavior. American Journal of Economics and Business Management 2016

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•  (2017-now) Jadara university 2020-02-10

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0 all core courses in marketing plan Syllabus


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