• Belal Zaqaibeh
    Faculty of Science and Information Technology
    Department of Software Engineering
    Associate Professor
    Email : zaqaibeh@jadara.edu.jo
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Publications Details

# Title Year
•  An Enhanced Population Selection Algorithm for Timetabling System 2021
•  A Novel Adaptive Schema to Facilitates Playback Switching Technique for Video Delivery in Dense LTE Cellular Heterogeneous Network Environments 2020
•  A New Optimization on Harmony Search Algorithm for Exam Timetabling System 2020
•  Impact of Customer Relationships Management on Customer Services: Customer Satisfaction as Mediating 2020
•  An Effective Self-Adaptive Policy for Optimal Video Quality over Heterogeneous Mobile Devices 2019
•  Gene Microarray Cancer Classification using Correlation Based Feature Selection Algorithm and Rules Classifiers 2019
•  Big Data Analysis Techniques using Multi-GPUs MapReduce Implementations 2016
•  An Enhanced First Segment Caching Scheme (EFSCS) for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Based on Video on Demand System 2015
•  Using Big Data Analytics for Authorship Authentication of Arabic Tweets 2015
•  Survey on MapReduce Applications 2014
•  Is Computer Science an Academic Discipline? 2013
•  Cellular Harmony Search for Optimization Problems 2013
•  Designing a New Assertion Constraints Model for Mobile Databases 2012
•  An Efficient Arabic Script Library for BGI 2012
•  Development of a Run-Time Model in OODB 2009
•  3D DNA Nanostructures for Vector Multiplication 2009
•  “Enforcing User-Defined Constraints during the Run-Time in OODB 2008
•  The Constraints of Object-Oriented Databases 2008
•  Computer Virus Strategies and Detection Methods 2008
•  An Object Assertion Language for Integrity Constraints in OODBs 2007
•  Enforcing and Maintaining Constraints Base during the Compile-Time 2007
•  Enforcing Integrity for Redundant and Contradiction Constraints in OODBs 2005
•  An Assertion Model for Integrating User-Defined Constraints in OODBMS 2005
•  Ensuring and Detecting Constraint Violations in an Object-Oriented Database 2004
•  An Assertion Model for Controlling Integrity Constraints in an Object-Oriented Database 2004
•  A Special Library for Supporting Jawi Fonts in BGI Mode 2003
•  Restructuring Object-Oriented Database Model to Ease Checking the Integrity Constraints 2003
•  An Efficient OODB Model for Ensuring the Integrity of User-defined Constraints 2003
•  An Enhanced Object-Oriented Database Model for Ensuring the Integrity of User-Defined Constraints 2003

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Experiences Details

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•  Assistant to the President for International Relations and Projects Jadara University 2020-02-20
•  Director of Development and Quality Assurance Center Jadara University 2020-02-20

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