Welcome to the graphic design department, which was established in 2009 to supply the local and international market with qualified cadres in the field. Stemming from our constant keenness to keep pace with the continuous development in the field of learning and education and to improve the education and creativity system at the local and global levels, the program provides a broad definition of aspects of the practice of visual communication. It is based on training students curricula and methods of critical and creative thinking to solve simple and complex design problems in order to give priority to application and production, and the educational approach that allows students to create their own patterns in addition to presenting different cultural, environmental and historical perspectives regarding the specialization of graphic design. The program is also characterized by providing curricula according to standards Academy and modern techniques to study graphic design. With the aim of preparing qualified cadres for the challenges of the labor market effectively and applying sustainable design, technical requirements and construction in the field of visual design. Besides, the department provides opportunities for on-site training while maintaining design standards.