Welcome to the Department of Media and Communication Technology, the first major in the Kingdom that combines media and contemporary communication technologies. The Media and Communication Technology Program is one of the first programs of the Faculty of Literature and Languages, as it was established in 2008, as a result of the growing requirements of the local and Arab labor market in the field of media and communication technology, and the great importance of media in our current time, and the nature of the multiple functions and roles assigned to this field carrying all types of general and specialized human knowledge.

The department is constantly striving to provide an integrated package of knowledge, skills and competencies to its students and in all stages and steps of producing print, audio, visual and digital media material, and through various means of communication and traditional and contemporary media, using the latest production techniques, in line with the contemporary complex and ever-changing communication environment. And in a way that guarantees the outputs that fully comply with the specifications of the cognitively and skillfully qualified model graduate who is able to produce, innovate and compete with all merit.