A graduate of the Bachelor’s program in Media and Communication Technology is expected to be able to: 
 1. Proficiency in oral and written communication and communication skills in both Arabic and English. 
 2. Possess an authentic and coherent cognitive and intellectual foundation in the field of media and communication technology. 
 3. Proficiency Scientific, cognitive, analytical and critical thinking skills, and employing them professionally; And possessing the ability to take initiative and creativity in the fields of contemporary media work. 
 4. Embody loyalty and belonging to the homeland during the practice of the media profession, as well as knowledge of civil rights and social responsibility. 
 5. Acquire skills related to information technology and the Internet while handling, presenting and presenting various media materials ; And the ability to engage in work groups and enjoy flexibility and the ability to organize teamwork. 
 6. Understanding and mastering the skills, ethics and legislation of media work. 
 7. The ability to employ media theories in the field of good planning, effective communication and scientific implementation of various communication strategies in managing crises, and having the skills necessary to solve problems. 
 8. The ability to use the technologies required for audiovisual and digital production (cameras - lighting lamps - programs Montage - design programs - audio devices .....). 
 9. The ability to edit, prepare, write and present to the print, audio, visual and digital media, according to the media templates and forms according to the type of media that they work for, and in line with the growing media needs of the target groups, According to the aims of the medium.