The Department of Arabic Language and Literature aims to help the student to:

 1. Develop language and communication skills in a way that enhances and refines the creative abilities of students.

 2. Providing students with literary and critical skills and developing them in an environment based on self and cooperative learning.

 3. To develop the spirit of pride in the Arabic language and the Arab-Islamic heritage and to read it critically and objectively.

 4. Develop a culture of dialogue and openness to the other and his civilization.

 5. Strengthening scientific and cultural ties with the Arabic language departments in universities, institutes, and Arabic language academies and councils locally, regionally and internationally, in a way that contributes to the development of the university and enhancing its scientific status.

 6. Focusing on the scientific research movement in the department by encouraging research and working to provide support for research projects and interest in scientific publishing locally and internationally.