We welcome you and thank you for your visit to us by browsing the department of educational administration web page, which is considered a window through which we look to the masses of our readers with the aim of introducing them to the department, its achievements, and its academic programs.

The mission of the to harness all potential human and material and to provide educational and training programs unique to provide students with the fundamentals of knowledge and its practical applications in the field of educational administration, and to contribute to the development of management science education through research and scientific studies, and to achieve effective partnership with the local community institutions and provide him with the educational leadership qualified and suitable for the labor market and specialized educational qualifications in the field of educational research management.

 The department also seeks to achieve quality in preparing educational leaders scientifically and professionally, in accordance with the university's vision, and the Ministry of Education's initiatives to achieve the vision. It has worked on updating graduate studies programs to be in line with those trends and visions, which were translated into a partnership agreement between the Faculties of Educational Sciences at Jadara University and the Hashemite University, embodied in the PhD program, leadership and educational policies.

The Department of Educational Administration aims to provide students and trainees with administrative and educational qualification, and to work on developing educational administrative skills for learners, school principals and their assistants, through graduate studies programs provided by the department and educational courses that the department participates in providing, and providing scientific advice in the field of educational administration.