Knowledge - Theoretical Understanding

  • Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of computing, and networks security.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of programming paradigms, methodologies, and available tools for software development.
  •  Recognize professional ethics and social responsibilities in practicing of software development profession, and the impact of network and Cybersecurity solutions in global, economic, environmental and societal context.

Knowledge - Practical Application

  • Design algorithms and draw diagrams, write code, and implement programs using given programming languages.
  •  Use and test programs and algorithms in terms of general quality attributes.

Skills - Generic Problem Solving and Analytical Skills

  • develop skills in Cybersecurity , networks and their management
  •  Evaluate, compare, and assess designed solutions, programs, and techniques for defending networks and systems from cyber attacks

Skills - Communication, ICT, and Numeracy

  •  Communicate positively using computing communication tools and using showing a logical attitude to handle challenging situations.

Competence: Autonomy, Responsibility, and Context

  •  Formulate and present results to peers and others through formal methods with the capacity to undertake self-long-life learning, and create reports in regards to knowledge management techniques and professional standards.