Welcome to the Communications and Computer Engineering Department;
    Dear students of the Department of Communications and Computer Engineering, on the authority of myself, and on behalf of my colleagues in the department, I am pleased to welcome you in our Department.
   Communications and Computer Engineering is one of the branches of engineering that interferes with some other engineering branches such as electrical engineering and electronic engineering, and this engineering aims to design, develop and improve modern  wireless communication means, so that meets the different communication needs that society needs, which includes online communication or telephone connection.
  This branch of engineering also aims to improve and develop equipment used in the work of various media outlets.
Computer engineering is also a close relationship with many other sciences, including communications engineering, which serve each other, and computer science and communications meet in another science, which is network engineering science (or computer networks).
   The technologies used in these networks are mainly one of the most important interests of communication science, which discusses analog communications and digital communications, the architectural design of the computer, the programming language, important topics in electricity and electronics engineering: for example, electrical circuits, electronic circuits, digital design, One of the most important components of computer science and communications.
Head of the Department of Communications and Computer Engineering
Dr. Issam Suleiman Trrad