The program was established in the first semester of the year 

2021/2022, as the world is witnessing rapid growth in the field of the Internet of Things. IoT technology has become the new generation of the Internet, by transitioning from communication between people through the internet to communication between things without human intervention as a mediator. Experts expect the IoT market to exceed $600 billion, and investment in this sector is expected to inflate to over $250 billion in the near future, with studies indicating that 90% of it will be spent on software and operating systems. The use of AI technologies and tools in various application fields of IoT technology, such as smart homes, smart environments, and many other areas, is experiencing rapid growth because the use of AI technologies is considered a driving force in the IoT fields.

Since its inception, Jadara University has always sought to prepare a generation of Jordanian youth who are capable of keeping up with the challenges of the age, by empowering them with all the knowledge and skills necessary for each stage. Therefore, and in line with the requirements of keeping up with the current age and what the Jordanian labor market needs in terms of experience in the field of information technology, the university has decided to introduce a Bachelor's program in Internet of Things sciences to create job opportunities in the local and regional markets, where IoT sciences graduates can possess the cognitive and technical skills to occupy the following job tracks:

  • Smart application developer
  • Smart integrated systems engineer
  • IoT infrastructure engineer
  • IoT systems administrator
  • Cybersecurity engineer and developer
  • Smart project manager and security technology development
  • System auditing and information security officer
  • Big data analyst.