At completing this program graduates should have get:-

1.  Have a wide scientific knowledge base and professional skills in medical Laboratory sciences fields.

2.  Recognize degree of precision of laboratory tests results, detecting faults and development of planes to correct them.

3.  Understand the correlation between laboratory results and pathological conditions in order to provide best health services.

4.  Building and developing , a range of technical and practical skills especially in the field of information technology, self-learning, scientific thinking, physical communication and psychological work within an integrated team.

5.  To practice a high level of professionalism in understanding and applying all ethical and social standards related to human health.

6.  Use of knowledge and management skills to reach approved levels of quality and quality control with the development of programs for the development of quality standards and continuing education.

7.  Application of all safety standards during laboratory work, including maintenance of equipment and the perimeter of work, circulation and work on samples satisfactory in accordance with the instructions of its own.

8.  Evaluation of the results of published scientific research as well as the technical development in the apparatus and tests related to medical analysis.