Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy

Higher education approval was obtained by introducing the College of Pharmacy at the University of Wall and admission to study therein in the first semester 2015-2016.

 The university has begun providing the latest laboratories and classrooms equipped with modern teaching requirements and providing the most modern equipment and equipment required by the teaching effort. The college also attracted distinguished professors in various pharmaceutical specialties who obtained their scientific specialization from the most prestigious international universities. The university has approved the scholarship plan for the next five years, which includes sending 6 students to obtain a doctorate in pharmaceutical specialties from prestigious international universities. The university also started its contacts regarding contracting with pharmaceutical factories and companies to train college students.


The college prepared a solid public program with (162 accredited teaching hours) and for a period of five years during which a summer semester was held in the pharmaceutical training, in order to prepare distinguished pharmacists in the pharmaceutical work and provide good pharmaceutical medical care.

The College of Pharmacy, through preparing good scientific and technical curricula for graduate students, aspires to achieve the following goals:

1. Providing the local and Arab market with pharmacists with distinguished scientific competence and high professional ethics, able to deal and solve health problems for individuals and the local community.

2. Graduating qualified pharmacists in the specialty of pharmaceutical sciences and having the scientific ability to conduct scientific research in the fields of pharmacy sciences and industrial pharmaceutical pharmacy.

3. Contributing to enriching the pharmaceutical information of the community and developing the health of the local community and disseminating the drug culture by preparing educational seminars with activities in the field of pharmaceutical pharmacy in a way that guarantees the university to fulfill its mission towards the Jordanian society.

4. Activating academic cooperation and scientific research with pharmaceutical factories in the Kingdom to serve the development of pharmaceutical industries.

5. Expanding fields of study and scientific research in pharmaceutical health specialties.