Program outcomes:

On completing this program, graduates should be able to:

1. Application of concepts and techniques related to the pharmacological fields of pharmacy, pharmaceutical, medical, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy and harmaceutical practice.

2.   Apply the basic skills required for the practice of pharmaceutical work.

3.  Developing knowledge and awareness of the regulations and regulations related to the medical systems, health care, medical professional ethics, and Jordanian legal and legislative systems.

4. Interpretation of the relationship between compound chemical structure and pharmacological efficacy.

5. Identification of biopharmaceutical properties related to drug mobility.

6. Evaluate the published pharmaceutical information and its sources accurately.

7. Enhancing the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, teachers, patients and health care workers and to develop the optimal use of relevant information technology.

8. Develop student knowledge through continuous learning.

9. Enhancing teamwork and responsibility.