Section was established under the educational and psychological counseling name; a section includes (5) faculty members from various academic ranks.

 The section seeks to develop and be open to the local community within a specific mechanism and to conduct studies that address the problems faced by students at the university and members of the local community.

The section has a unit for psychological support and counseling supervised by a technician specializing in psychological counseling. The unit provides services to students, faculty members and some members of the local community.

 The section seeks to develop and improve educational outcomes through various modern teaching methods, and learning based on psychological theories and trends.

The section awards a bachelor’s degree in psychological counseling at a rate of 132 credit hours, through which it includes field training for the dog in centers and schools to employ scientific skills and apply them on the ground, and benefit from field experiences and expertise, which are the cornerstone of training and qualifying a graduate of psychological and educational counseling.