1. Undrstanding and comprehensive knowledge of modern human resources management concepts and providing students with concept of social responsibilty and organizational values.
  2. Demonstrate skills and abilities to adapt various variables and challenges in the labor market , know how to plan human resources ,and know the factors affecting it.
  3. Haveing research skills , formal report methods, and information gathering resources.
  4. Master comunication skills , and interact with others by honing their behavior and attitudes.
  5. Students gain the ability to analyze , diagnise and solve problems and to identify positive and negative aspects in business oranization.
  6. Understanding cognitive skills and knowledge in order to fully and completely analyze the relationships between the parts of the organization and work with team spirit , financial and labor legislation , and that the student be able to put in place performance management system and define a salary scale.
  7. Implementing professional practices for students through trainig programes in cooperation with local community organizations in various administrative areas, information technology and communication.