About the Department of Software Engineering

        Established the Department of Software Engineering, with the beginning of the academic year 2010/2011 as one of the Departments of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology at the Jadara University, after having obtained the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the adoption of the programme for a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering, began the study in the departments at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2010/2011, where the section is working to offer bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.



Head of the Software Engineering Department Message

          First of all, I'd like to very much welcome you to visit the home page of the Software Engineering Department. The Department of  Software Engineering urges paced to achieve the goal of graduating students with considerable expertise in the field of Information Technology which copes with the labour market and possessed the corner of knowledge in the basic principles of  Software Engineering, especially the information systems major and critical. The program of study to aimed at providing students with expertise, analytical and applied research to enable them to produce an analysis and development of software strong and efficient in many areas of work. That the courses of the programme of the Software Engineering seek to prepare and students of functional areas in the labour market and scientific research and community service, project management, software construction and software integration. They remain compatible with renewable requirements in the local and global software industry. In addition, it seeks to introduce students to what is New through the reality of scientific theoretical and applied extra to stack it with a research project for students expected to graduate and the training in the field through a line of students to the labour market. Department of  Software Engineering  raises resources for teaching and learning is good only at the level of the study plan, or like laboratories and faculty members qualified to the areas of specialization software engineering, that provides an academic environment distinct available to all students.  In addition, the section level in keeps up with what is new and available in the field of information technology especially in the engineering area through survey and continuous interaction with industry software (company-level programming board, less global, and global ) in order to reverse its academic curricula are symmetrical.  That same wall is encouraged and faculty members in the Department of  Software Engineering to work in scientific research and specialized seminars, conferences as well as participation in workshops and practical training, so in order to keep faculty members abreast of what is new in Information Technology.

Dr. Saleh Ali Alomari