The Program Educational Objectives are (PEO's):

The program objectives are classified along the following dimensions

PEO's#1: Keeping pace with the continuous development in the fields of information technology in general and software engineering in particular, in line with local and international quality standards.

PEO's#2: Enable students to compete with their peers at the local and global levels by improving their scientific and practical skills and by engaging them in local and international scientific and programming competitions.

PEO's#3: Cooperating with local and international institutions and enhancing the college’s role in serving the local community.

PEO's#4: Preparing the student to be successful in his work and have a good cognitive ability in the basic fields of knowledge, armed with a love of work and a culture of social responsibility in the field of software engineering.

PEO's#5: Practical application of programming skills through several programming languages ​​and in line with the needs of the labor market.

PEO's#6: Upgrading scientific research and postgraduate studies and promoting creativity programs.

PEO's#7: Emphasis on instilling a sense of national belonging among students by building good and qualified capabilities and competencies to face rapid technological development.

PEO's#8: Support and motivate the faculty members in the department to carry out scientific research in the field of software engineering.

PEO's#9: Striving to ensure the quality of the academic software engineering program to raise the level of the department and bring it to regional and global competitiveness.