The Program Educational Objectives are (PEO's):

PEO#1: To keep up with the ongoing development in the areas of information technology in general and software engineering in particular, in line with local and global quality standards.

PEO#2: Enable students to compete with their peers at the local and international levels by improving their scientific and practical skills and involving them in local and international scientific and software competitions.

PEO#3: To cooperate with local and international institutions and strengthen the role of the college in serving the community.

PEO#4: Preparing a student to be successful in his/her work and have good knowledge capability in key knowledge areas, armed with a love of work and a culture of community responsibility in the     specialization of software engineering.

PEO#5: To motivate faculty memembers and students to do research and continue education and to promote innovation programs.

PEO#6: The ongoing development of students' skills in line with scientific and practical developments in specialization and in accordance with the needs of the labor market.

PEO#7: Consolidate professional ethics and the culture of community service.

PEO#8: Emphasize the growing sense of national belonging among students by building good and qualified capacities and competencies to meet rapid technological development.

PEO#9: Provide a sophisticated academic environment to meet the requirements for accreditation and quality for desired learning outcomes.