The Department of Mathematics at Jadara University is one of the oldest and largest academic departments at the university level, and among the leading departments of mathematics at the local and regional levels.

The department was established with the beginning of the establishment of the faculty of science and information technology in the university in 2008 AD and since that time the department has provided its services to a large number of students in each semester from the various faculties of the university.

The department includes in its membership a distinguished group of faculty members of various academic ranks (professor, associate professor, and assistant professor) assisted by an elite group of lecturers.

Programs offered by the department

Bachelor: The department offers a bachelor's degree to students since its establishment in 2008 AD and has supplied the Jordanian labor market with a group of distinguished graduates with high qualifications.

Master: The department offers a master's degree in mathematics since the second semester of the academic year 2020/2019, and the department seeks through this program to improve scientific research and spread its culture among students.

Chair of Mathematics Department

Dr. Wadei Al-Omeri