The Department of Mathematics aspires to present a distinguished scientific program in mathematics and its applications in harmony with the vision of the university to reach the department to an advanced level locally and regionally.

It also aspires to prepare and develop experiences in mathematics and spread its uses as an effective tool for human development within the application of accreditation and quality standards.

All students from this department and other departments receive a distinguished preparation by a team of professional lecturers to complete their graduate and postgraduate studies to engage in the labor market.


The main mission of the Department of Mathematics is to qualify graduates with scientific and logical thinking and integrated skills in mathematics and its applications through the latest educational methods to increasing public awareness of community problems and the local environment and focus on creating a stimulating environment for creativity and scientific research in mathematics, and emphasize partnership with relevant community institutions in Mathematics, where the department providing students with distinguished training that enables them to complete their studies or work in places that require high mathematics skills.