The Department of Mathematics aims to:

  • Modernizing and developing educational programs with the latest educational tools that contribute to building the scientific character.
  • To provide students with deep knowledge of the principles of advanced pure and applied mathematics.
  • Encouraged faculty members to research and publish in high-indexed journals and participate in scientific conferences, seminars, training courses and workshops.
  • To enhance students' abilities to use technology efficiently.
  • Meeting the needs of the Ministry of Education for teachers with high skills in mathematics Qualifying graduates with scientific knowledge that enables them to obtain higher academic degrees.
  • Cooperating with industrial institutions, research centers, and employment agencies to review curricula and decisions in line with the aspirations of the beneficiaries.
  • Creative and complementary linking between the administrative and academic staff in a manner that serves the department’s educational process.
  • Motivating and supporting students to learn, excel, research, produce, work as a team and contribute to constructive interaction with society.