The Department of Education Technology: It is the section for studying the technology of the educational system and graduating the education technology specialist in schools that are affiliated with the Ministry of Education, and the student studies in the department materials that qualify him to do photography and produce educational panels, and the student can maintain the computer, use audio-visual aids, library and indexing techniques Descriptive and ready-made programs of all kinds can use the information network and the Internet.

Vision: Education technology is an integral part of educational practices and educational practices within educational institutions, and the provision of interactive technological learning environments in which students and teachers have the ability to design, use and manage all technological innovations that contribute to solving educational problems, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching and learning process.

Mission: Work on awareness and preparation and training of students and researchers in specialized education technology to design, production, use, manage and evaluate innovations technology education and learning traditional and electronic its image and so as to contribute in solving the educational problems and work to improve and develop educational outputs and consistent with the standards and quality objectives.