The graduate, after completing his Bachelor of Education Technology, is expected to be able to:

  1. Designing learning positions and resources in light of educational strategies and employing the appropriate technological innovations for each situation
  2. Development of learning resources in line with the nature of the educational situation and the available capabilities and in light of the results of the evaluation processes and the needs of the educational process and comprehensive quality standards
  3. Using and employing educational technology means and learning resources in different educational situations to facilitate teaching and learning processes.
  4. Evaluating learning resources by using appropriate evaluation tools and in light of the terminology of evaluation in educational technology.
  5. Managing educational situations, learning resources, information access processes, and technological innovations.
  6. E-Operations Management Center Learning Resources.
  7. It employs all human and material elements in the fields of teaching and learning to improve the efficiency of education and to increase its effectiveness and the achievement of the desired learning.
  8. Employing methods and strategies of education, e-learning and distance education within educational institutions.
  9. Employ all technological innovations to solve learning problems for people with special needs.