• Increasing students' linguistic abilities, and enhancing their communication and communication skills in Arabic and English

• Improving students' skills in using computers and Internet.

• Enhancing students' abilities in creative and critical thinking and problem solving.

• Promote national values ​​and belonging to the land and history. Helping students integrate with the value system of Jordanian, Arab and international society

• Developing students' capabilities and enhancing their extended knowledge of Arab and Islamic history.

• Linking their present with their past.

• Developing students' thinking and creativity skills through active learning strategies.

• Improving the educational process and developing programs and courses in line with scientific developments.

• Improving the abilities of faculty members and improving their skills to reach the comprehensive quality.

• Developing scientific research skills and directing it to serve the community.

• Achieving cultural and scientific interaction with all scientific departments inside and outside the university.

• Providing students with the necessary competencies (knowledge, skills, positive values ​​and attitudes) to keep pace with the developments and developments of the times.

• Continuous cooperation with the local community and its various institutions to reach comprehensive and sustainable development.

• Developing students' roles in the educational learning process; To increase their experiences to interact with different areas of life, and to overcome life, professional and societal problems.

• Involving students in planning and implementing activities in various fields.