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In The Name of Allah the Merciful


       I am honored to welcome all of you to Jadara University, which we are proud of, and which we look forward to be a beacon of Education and an icon as a Higher Education provider nationally and globally according to the aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II. Jadara University is pursuing now Internationalization within the Strategic Plan 2019-2023. As a result, becomes a national success story, in terms of Rating, Ranking, Teaching, Research, Community Services, Creativity, Innovation, Governance, Leadership, Excellence and Entrepreneurship. Jadara University aims to bring to the market Deliverables of quality such as raising Graduate’s competitiveness, quality Education that meets global standards, distinguished learning outcomes and serving national development through an optimal investment of human resources. The University will be a center of bringing to the global market skilled workers armed with education, humanity, good citizenship as well as modern skills.

       We are committed to review the Strategic Plan in accordance with the main axes towards Globalism. We also seek to establish joint academic programs with International Universities and obtain International Accreditation for all specialties as an expansion, horizontally and vertically, in our Plans and Programs. Not only that but also holding International Conferences at Jadara campus of various disciplines. We have been approaching new channels of collaboration through international agreements with Universities from other countries and Global Organizations.

       In light of the above, Jadara University has set a stimulating, attractive environment providing great facilities, Qualified Staff, Educational Materials, fully equipped Laboratories, a Library, a Gym, Halls and Teaching Rooms, beautifully landscaped green areas and Transportation. Not only attractive but also a safe environment that is violence-free and smoke-free. All these elements shall work effectively to serve our precious students and to allow developing their cognitive and creative skills as we see them eventually successful leaders of the future.

       We seek to make the campus a constantly working beehive through both scientific and extracurricular activities. As we all know, Youth are the tools of change, the makers of the future and the respected moral model in this regard, as described by His Majesty King Abdulla II, in the process of pursuing prosperity through building and developing this country. The university launches integrated national programs, career day, an office to monitor and follow- up on Graduates Employability, Career Counseling, International students Service Office, Alumni Club and Student Union. It also has collaborated with local and international youth institutions to serve students. Jadara campus will be a fertile environment for students’ creative work, achievements and endless activities.

       Finally, I wish our students a successful journey during their study and after graduation; I also wish for each and everyone within our University whether Academic or Administrative staff to reap fruits of their hard work as achievements of excellence. So that Jadara University remains an attractive and welcoming Educational Provider in Jordan for Neighbor and Friendly countries as a reflection of the way His Majesty King Abdullah II vision Jordan.


Prof. Mohammed Taleb Obaidat  ​
​​President of Jadara University