University proficiency exam

Names of students who are subject to the competency exam for the second and summer semesters 2020/2021 and who did not apply with the first batch
This will be the last chance for them to take the exam, which will not be held again until 11/2021. Note that it is compulsory and a condition of graduation for students. Note that the exam date will be as follows: Exam date on Wed nesday and Thursday 23-24/6/2021.
The exam is from 10 am to 14 pm
The link for the exam from inside and outside Jordan is :
The student enters the exam according to the exam progress guide on the university’s website for one hour only on one of the two exam days from _ (10-14) only The official of the university’s official website and the lady,
the director of public relations, for publication on the university’s communication sites, provided that the names of the attached students are published under the title of the second and final batch.