The Faculty of Law established  with the establishment of the university in 2006 under the name of( The Faculity of Legal Studies).   It was including three departments: the public law department, the private law department,and the economics / accounting department.  It was granting  graduates a master's degree in public law or private law or  economics / accounting . Then the economics department separated from the faculity after the faculity of Economics was formed.
In 2008, the public and private departments were combined into one department under the name of the department of law.  that was  granting  a master's degree in law. After obtaining the accreditation of the Bachelor of Laws, the Faculty began to grant a bachelor’s degree in law.
A large number of students graduated from the  Faculty , whether in masters or bachelor's degrees, from Jordanians and Arabs (Omanis, Qataris, Bahrainis, Yemenis, Syrians, Iraqis and Saudis ...)

in 2018, the Department of Political Science was established to be one of the departments of the Faculty of Law, which gives its graduates a bachelor's degree in political science.