1. Creating study programs and plans in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and the requirements of quality and accreditation.
  2. Improving teaching methods, methods, and evaluation tools.
  3. Improving the technical infrastructure and learning resources in the college
  4. Upgrading university theses.
  5. Upgrading training programs field (practical education) at the faculty.
  6. Attracting distinguished academic talents.
  7. Continuous improvement of the competencies of faculty and administrative staff in the faculty.
  8. Providing records of study plans for all programs, especially those that arise in the faculty and each department.
  9. Providing records for the number of students in the faculty in each department and updating them according to the last semester.
  10. Update the files of faculty members so that they contain accreditation requirements.
  11. Reviewing books and periodicals available at the university, and updating them to serve all disciplines offered by the faculty.
  12. Graduation of qualified cadres scientifically and professionally able to develop students' skills in the areas of educational administration ; educational couselling; family reform special education, and enrich the community of academic and applied skills that contribute to its lead in the framework of ethical values