It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you at the website of the Deanship of Scientific Research. This website is a means of guidance and communication with all beneficiaries regarding the work of the Deanship of Scientific Research as part of a vibrant community of researchers, students and partners from the industry sector, who work to improve education, scientific research and industry in Jordan and the region through research and partnership with the local community and international scientific societies. The Deanship plays a guiding role and facilitates the work of researchers. Also, it controls research and funding processes. This includes evaluating funded research proposals, determining merit and eligibility, setting appropriate budgets, and monitoring expenditures, level of achievement and resources. Moreover, the Deanship plays an important role in promoting and encouraging international cooperation by issuing invitations to researchers, organizing workshops, and hosting distinguished external researchers. The Deanship activated its mission to regulate the fields of scientific research affairs. It is working to develop its organizational structure and create a special council for research chairs. It sponsors a special research programme in which it provides rewarding incentives for researchers at the university if they publish papers in scientific and international journals that are refereed and indexed in famous Arab and western databases. The Deanship encourages the university members of staff to participate in international scientific conferences. More importantly, the Deanship directs Jadara Journal for Studies and Research, which is a specialized international scientific journal that attracts research from local, regional and international researchers.

Dean of Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Shawkat Alkhazaleh